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We hope to see you at our "All Class Reunion" in 2025!

Get ready for our next All Class Reunion in 2025!

It's a wonderful time to visit with all of our friends from our great Ramsay High School Years!

Dear Class Members,

Join us for the sixth RAMSAY HIGH SCHOOL ALL CLASS REUNION (1929-1969) in 2025!

Details will follow later...

Usual Event Outline:

  • Roosevelt Hall (Norvelt Fire Dept)
  • Click here for Directions!
  • Handicap Entrance is available
  • Dress is casual
  • 3:00pm Social Hour for visiting!
  • 5:00pm Catered Dinner
  • Entertainment: To be announced
  • 60/40 Cash Drawing
  • Basket Raffle
  • Cash Bar is available from 3:00pm


Ramsay Then and Now


Fun Video with a great song and great Cars from the past!

Take a nice ride with your memories!

Click on Filmstrip to see a nifty slideshow from 2014!

Yearbook Covers over the years! Please contact us with a yearbook cover photo we're missing)


We Need Your Current Address! (also, please note any name changes)

Important! Please go to our Contact Us Form to provide your name, telephone, complete mailing address with City & State, and your email address so that you may be included in our next mailing for the next All Class Reunion! Please use our Contact Us Form to notify us of any name, address, and email address changes that may have happened since our last reunion.

* Also, if you have photos from any of the previous "All Class Reunions", please send a note via the Contact Us Form below, so that we can make arrangements to add those photos to this website.

* And, if you have your own Individual Class Reunion Group Photo, we can add one group photo on the website for each year of Ramsay Graduating Classes.

Contact Form to add your information:

Always Remember...

 Old Friends

How nice it is to visit friends you haven't seen for years

They don't look quite the same and yet, old friendships reappear.


There's first the shock of seeing that, they've aged much more than you

And then the quick suspicion that you've been aging too!


You sit and talk about the past and laugh at old-time jokes.

And find out what has happened to some long "lost-track-of" folks. 


And very soon the years between just seem to disappear

And all of you are young and gay as in that yesteryear.


Yes, it is nice to visit friends - Old friends - those that last.

They bring a joy that only comes with friends out of your past.

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