Ramsay High School All Class Reunion

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Read this Great Memory of the Ramsay Beacon, dated March 1961! ...Be sure to read "Dear Gabby"

Spring Band Concert Program of April, 1961! Junior and Senior Band ...see if your name is listed!

Always Remember...

 Old Friends

How nice it is to visit friends you haven't seen for years

They don't look quite the same and yet, old friendships reappear.


There's first the shock of seeing that, they've aged much more than you

And then the quick suspicion that you've been aging too!


You sit and talk about the past and laugh at old-time jokes.

And find out what has happened to some long "lost-track-of" folks. 


And very soon the years between just seem to disappear

And all of you are young and gay as in that yesteryear.


Yes, it is nice to visit friends - Old friends - those that last.

They bring a joy that only comes with friends out of your past.

 Go Bobcats! 

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